For Educators

“Mr. Tootles was awesome!! I’m so glad Maryceleste came and read for us. The children here talked about it all that day and the next day too! We can’t wait for the next book!”

—Nicole Excuriex, Gingerbread House, Early Learning Center, New Iberia, Louisiana

Author Maryceleste Clement has had lots of exciting times doing school visits to share her Tootle Tales with children. She can’t wait to do more visits! Presently, though, she’s taking a Tootle-Time Out (hiatus) while she works on the Mr. Tootles and Mrs. Bea puppets (how cool!) and gets Tootling Tootles up and running. There will be plenty of opportunities for interactive school visits coming up soon!

So stay tuned and check out Tootling Tootles for coming attractions.

T.F.N. (Tootles For Now!)


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