Our Mission

Tootle Time Publishing’s goal is to introduce to children that reading and learning can be fun, magical and exciting! Given the opportunity to experience stories at an early age has the ability to bring joy and a lifelong love of books to young people of all cultures.

Author Maryceleste Clement has always been fascinated with children’s books and rhyming words. When she created Mr. Tootles, Mary just knew he would be an English gentleman who experienced silly adventures during teatime with his friends. She had a clear visual picture of this kooky character: he would wear an English-style bowler hat, a dark suit, and glasses fitted to a long, slim face.

So it seemed perfectly natural for Mr. Tootles and his teatime antics to develop and come to life in this amusing series of Tootle Tales.

Enjoy and Tootle-loo!


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